Sole Leather

Natural material par excellence, enhanced by its signs and its every unusual detail, leather acquires that warmth that sets it apart from any other material. Your furnishing project turns into an emotional environment in which the sole leather covering or flooring give a refined touch to the spaces involved. Interest in sole leather furnishings pushes towards ever more sophisticated processes for results that are faithful to their origins, but also projected into the future where traditional handcrafts, industry, and innovation come together to offer something unique.
Lineacuoio is the new way of living sole leather, a choice of modernity and elegance, a new reference for those looking for fine furniture solutions: floors that are pleasant to the touch, adorning warm atmospheres and dedicated to relaxation, soft and enveloping coverings that evoke intimate and cozy feelings. The environment created by a sole leather project is a play of colors and natural tones with soft and muffled sounds. Moments of pure pleasure born of simple choices, derived from the forms suggested by nature. A major innovation, the result of advanced research with roots far back in time, for a contemporary design of perfect livability.

The Origins

Lineacuoio uses exclusively a natural, ancient, and refined craftsmanship, using tannin, an extract derived from wood. Processing can last over two months: the leather is immersed in tannin baths, day after day it penetrates into the structure of the leather, arresting the aging process and thus ensuring the gradual transformation of the hide leather (pelle) into sole leather (cuoio). The finishing is done using procedures that allow the sole leather to be coloured, while maintaining the leather’s natural qualities, and always respecting the environment.

The final product therefore boasts extraordinary features of softness, warmth, strength, and the ability to absorb the traces of time, turning them into “living character”, qualities of a true vegetable tanned sole leather through the process of slowly tanning in tannin baths.


Always well known as a prime raw material for the production of fine accessories to accompany people in their travels, today sole leather rises to the role of protagonist in design. Lineacuoio has revisited the concept of “Sole Leather” enhancing its virtues and transforming it into a product that is now perfect for furnishings.

Their pioneering and continuous technological research has resulted in a final product of exceptional quality. Sole leather interiors define and shape their environment, leaving one to enjoy the pleasure of design and soft impressions evoked by the naturalness of the leather.

Walking barefoot on soft and resistant surfaces, and caressing the slight roughness become unique and unrepeatable sensations.